Hello! I'm Mary, a photographer located in West Chester, PA with over a decade of experience in weddings, maternity, newborn, and family portraits.

 I am a artist, and a photographer. I grew up in South Jersey in a large family. My love for art and photography began at a young age. I was always drawing and taking photos ever since I can remember. During high school, I had the opportunity to take photography classes at Moore College of Art. In college, I studied art. I received a BA in Art from Rowan University and a MA in Art from Acadia University.

I have always enjoyed creating images, but it wasn't until I starting modeling that I realized I could do a better job being 'the photographer' then the photographers taking my photos. I started taking photos of children and families and a new love was born. I found that there was an emotion and creativity in photography which allowed me to completely express myself. My desire to shoot more subjects grew, and I quickly started my own photography business. I started Enchanting Creations Photography in 2010 when I was 22 years old and had nothing but a passion for people and photography.

Over the years my ability to see light and capture emotion has been fine-tuned.  I believe that this is what truly makes my photography unique. My philosophy is to get to know you and make you feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera so that we can have fun and capture your true personality. I love warm sunlight, bright and creamy colors, and photographs that display emotions that you will cherish forever. I love to laugh and enjoy the simple things in life!

People sometimes ask me where my inspiration for photography comes from.  I have to say that each individual client experience inspires me in a unique way.  Overall, celebrating life milestones with clients and families and documenting the story of their special days has been a true gift.  Movement also inspires me. Headshot portraits are important to have and I always capture them for their classic beauty, but movement brings people to life and is something I always seek to document in my photography. Wind blowing across your face, laughing so hard that your eyes are squinted shut, skipping down the street, are all such special moments to capture.  These are the images that evoke memories and emotions. This is where life is at!

I have been published in JDate (Jewish singles community online) with glowing advertisements displayed in Times Square, New York City along with other advertisement posters throughout New York City in 2012 and 2013. I have also been published in the spring 2014 edition of ALo Voce magazine. I love capturing your stories.  No event is too small to be documented. I enjoy photographing all types of milestones, and I hope you choose me to capture your legacy!

Please don't hesitate to reach out- I would love to hear from you. Use the contact form or email me at [email protected] to start planning your session today!



Enchanting Creations Photography